JiLL IaN (xjacknjillianx) wrote,

On the road

so I'm on the road right now, in Utah. In case anyone was wondering, there's absolutely nothing in Utah. Well drive 70 mile stretches with absolutely nothing besides the highway. Which makes me worry about running out of gas in the middle of nowhere because andy likes to drive until the gas light comes on. Last night we drove into Colorado, which is so beautiful. We left Denver at night to try and drive a couple of hours so we could make it to vegas earlier to climb. We were 70 mile away from Denver when andy said something was wrong with the car. Apparently there was no power, and we couldn't really accelerate. We called roadside assistance who told us the closest service station was in Denver. So we had to turn around and drive back. I got nervous the car was really broken and we'd miss the rest of the trip. Next
Morning 1st thing we find out the car basically has altitude sickness. Yes, it was just struggling for oxygen. Stupid car, it cost us at least half a day of climbing.

Oh well, were getting there soon. And tomorrow were going to do a 6 pitch climb. One pitch typically means climbing one rope up. So were doing a 4-6 hour climb that's approx 700 ft high. I'm so psyched. I've never done such a long climb. Typically whenever I climb oitdoors it's just a harder one pitch climb. This type of climb is totally diff. It's not going to be hard, balancy, strengthy moves but more endurance. Then were climbing yosemite in 2 days. Should be in San francisco by saturdaay night, but i'm chilling till Wednesday. So excited!

Ps. Nebraska is the worst state.
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