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My good friend Andy graduated from NYU med school, and is now moving to San Francisco to do his residency.. :( I'm sad. But, I MAY be driving cross country with him to move him out there which would be AMAZING. We talked about hitting up Niagra Falls, and then tons of climbing across the country! This would be like the 1st week of June, so I'd have a couple of days back from Cuba and then go see the states! Jack's good friend Dan (whom I love!) also just moved out to San Fran so if I went to visit, it'd be so much fun! I really, reallyyyy want to goooooooo. Whatever happened to our plans to go cross country together!?

I graduated this morning. I was supposed to be at Radio City Music Hall at 8:45, but didn't know until 9:15 in the morning when my friend texted me to ask which side I'm sitting on. Then I freaked out, ran out of the apartment, tried to catch a cab in the rain, failed, Jack caught a cab cuz he left a little bit later as I basically ran out the door, picked me up on a street corner, and we made it okay. Graduation was weird. My parents went out to lunch w/ us after. It was good. My dad hugged me and said I love you! It was weird.

Good day. AND!!! I got an email to interview for a job. :) They were very impressed with my resume. Hooray! It's with a hotel in the city. We'll see what happens.
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