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Less excited about L'Oreal

I got a full time job offer at L'Oreal on Friday. It was a little bit surprising because I have only been an intern for 2 months. Every other intern has been there longer than me-- some of them are coming up to their one year date. I would be excited, but I'm not because one of the girls I work with is a complete bitch. She's a "boys" girl-- you know what I mean. The type of girl that doesn't treat girls & guys the same, would be nice to all guys, but mean to girls... etc. Anyway, she's getting promoted to assistant manager, and I am going to be marketing coordinator. Michael, the manager, left 2 weeks ago now. He didn't give 2 weeks notice, just got up one Thursday morning, walked out the door, and didn't come back. I'm imagining this is why Ashley & I are both being promoted.

In any case- I'm not crazy about L'Oreal, but since Michael left (and that week 4 other people from Redken announced their departure) - the company has definitely realized something is wrong with our department & Redken's team. So, they announced that instead of summer fridays (where we come in everyday at 8:30, but get to leave at 12:30 on Friday), would now become full-day Friday for only our teams. Apparently the past 2 years our teams NEVER took summer fridays because as soon as we would come into the office, we'd never leave. I believe that whole heartily, considering I work till 9pm now anyway.

Whatever though... I'll take the job because if I'm going to do the work-- I might as well be paid for it. And, also, it would be EXTREMELY awkward to decline a full time offer, and then continue being an intern for 4 months before my internship expires. I might as well work full time and then just quit later.

So that's my work life. Home life  is good. I have been stress eating a TON at work and probably put on like 5 pounds this week. I don't have a scale, so I can't tell for sure, but I just know because I have been treating my self poorly. It's just so hard to have an 11/12 hour day at work, where you constantly feel stressed! I have near anxiety at work because of how condescending and mean that one girl is to me. Sigh. I hate her so much.

Oh, forgot to mention- Michael left the company but then called me and said he wanted to take me to his new company and interview for the assistant manager position. I would be working under him (he's now a VP)... I want it SO BAD. I've realized it isn't the work that makes your work environment-- it's more the people you work WITH. Michael is a great teacher, and cool headed. I need that. I would be an assistant manager (which is what Ashley is now). I would be able to negotiate higher wage than what i was just offered too. Let's just hope I get it sometime next week.

Jack and I went to Miami last weekend to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. It was lovely.

I went on a mini shopping spree yesterday, as I had some fights with my family, and was stressing about work, and felt I deserved a treat since I got another full time offer. Bought a skirt, 2 tank tops, and a scarf from J.Crew. Also, got 2 pairs of shoes from Cole Haan- SO COMFORTABLE! They all have Nike Air in them. But, I have to stop buying shoes. I have spent close to $1000 on shoes this month. :-/

Jinny is here today and we are going to Bamboozle. MGMT, Girltalk, Motion City Soundtrack, OK GO... Needless to say, i am excited!!!!!

That is all.
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