JiLL IaN (xjacknjillianx) wrote,

3AM- leave for JFK airport
4AM- nearly throw a fit because check-in kiosks wouldn't work, agents & TSA weren't there. aren't airports supposed to be running 24/7?!
6AM- board for Atlanta
8AM- board for Mexico City
10AM- still at fucking gate because some assholes checked their bags for the flight and never boarded the plane. crew is going through cargo to find their bags. i tell off a flight attendant because i'm cranky & pmsy
1PM- arrive Mexico City
2PM- am much less of a cranky bitch when we arrive at W hotel and see the BEAUTIFUL rooms, with hammock in the bathroom!
3PM- guacamole!
4PM- spa treatments at amazing spa, fully relaxed and happy now
6PM- dinner with bride, groom, friends & fam

8AM- leave for pyramids!
12PM- invigorated after climbing pyramids, eat steak, chicken, cactus, and red worm tacos. Yes, real whole worms.
2PM- back at hotel. Jack works, I lay in bed.
4PM- get ready for wedding
7PM- full hour catholic mass ceremony-- entirely in Spanish. greattttt
10PM- wondering why there was no cocktail hour, waiting impatiently with rest of table for dinner.
12PM- crazy wedding party.

10AM- breakfast. Jack ate green eggs.
12PM- head to airport
9PM- arrive back home.

9AM- wake up
11AM- lay by pool (this is going to be an obvious weekly pattern for me)
1PM- interview with W Union Sq
5PM- work
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