JiLL IaN (xjacknjillianx) wrote,


3am train to Boston, arrived at 8 am.
Threw up, ate breakfast.
Checked into hotel, slept 2 hours
Met up w/ Jack's friend, Dave
Went to Boston Aquarium!
Threw up again at aquarium. Seriously began considering that I may have food poisoning.
Watched a fight after some WASTED dude called a black kid a bad word.
Back to hotel to sleep.
Woke up with bad fever.
Rallied and went to House of Blues.
Rocked out backstage at the Envy on the Coast/Anberlin/Taking Back Sunday show.
Chilled on tour bus, watched all the crazy fans stalk the band
8 am plane back to NYC
Chilled by pool & BBQ-ed
Waiting for Jack to come back from work now, at 12:30 am. :(

That was my weekend.

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