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I need to write out the phonetic spelling of my name onto a card so it is not mispronounced on stage. Four years of college, and I don't know how to phonetically spell out my 2 syllable name. Maybe skipping second grade was a bad idea.

I am three-page, double-spaced ethics paper away from being done with college. What a lame assignment to end with. I graduate on Thursday.
I made a day trip to Brewster yesterday with Jack. My parents talked to us more seriously about living together, and my mom wanted to make sure we're in a "real long-term" relationship. They have taken the news of us living together remarkably well. I am so thankful.

I asked Jack if he wanted to buy the 4-pack of toothpaste at Costco and he goes "I don't like committing to toothpaste... I like having my options open. Do you want to use that  toothpaste?" Some lady overheard, laughed her butt off, and told me, "good luck with that one." Ha.

I have bought 4.5 bikinis this summer. I need to stop. At least I'm ready for the summer!

Jack and I puppy-sat Biggy, Matt & Elle's dog for three days. It's a little yorkie, and the cutest thing in the world. Everyone wants to pet him all the time, and he is a snuggle-monster. When I let him out of the crate in the mornings he'd scamper around the bed until I picked him up and let him cuddle with us in bed. I want a puppy so bad.

The weather has been weird. I don't want it to rain anymore. I'm still not used to how warm it is. I look out the window and feel I should put on a jacket still. Hm.

Taking Back Sunday is going to get big- bigger than they already are. I think they're going mainstream radio. Matt told us yesterday they'll be touring with Weezer and Blink-182. He said we'll most definitely get tix/backstage stuff for whatever shows we want to go to... I am SO pysched.

I think LJ partially froze, and I can't see where my cursor is (the blinky one that tells you where you're writing) which is really annoying while writing this entry. I'm going to just post it now.

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