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Less excited about L'Oreal [02 May 2010|08:19am]
[ mood | awake ]

I got a full time job offer at L'Oreal on Friday. It was a little bit surprising because I have only been an intern for 2 months. Every other intern has been there longer than me-- some of them are coming up to their one year date. I would be excited, but I'm not because one of the girls I work with is a complete bitch. She's a "boys" girl-- you know what I mean. The type of girl that doesn't treat girls & guys the same, would be nice to all guys, but mean to girls... etc. Anyway, she's getting promoted to assistant manager, and I am going to be marketing coordinator. Michael, the manager, left 2 weeks ago now. He didn't give 2 weeks notice, just got up one Thursday morning, walked out the door, and didn't come back. I'm imagining this is why Ashley & I are both being promoted.

In any case- I'm not crazy about L'Oreal, but since Michael left (and that week 4 other people from Redken announced their departure) - the company has definitely realized something is wrong with our department & Redken's team. So, they announced that instead of summer fridays (where we come in everyday at 8:30, but get to leave at 12:30 on Friday), would now become full-day Friday for only our teams. Apparently the past 2 years our teams NEVER took summer fridays because as soon as we would come into the office, we'd never leave. I believe that whole heartily, considering I work till 9pm now anyway.

Whatever though... I'll take the job because if I'm going to do the work-- I might as well be paid for it. And, also, it would be EXTREMELY awkward to decline a full time offer, and then continue being an intern for 4 months before my internship expires. I might as well work full time and then just quit later.

So that's my work life. Home life  is good. I have been stress eating a TON at work and probably put on like 5 pounds this week. I don't have a scale, so I can't tell for sure, but I just know because I have been treating my self poorly. It's just so hard to have an 11/12 hour day at work, where you constantly feel stressed! I have near anxiety at work because of how condescending and mean that one girl is to me. Sigh. I hate her so much.

Oh, forgot to mention- Michael left the company but then called me and said he wanted to take me to his new company and interview for the assistant manager position. I would be working under him (he's now a VP)... I want it SO BAD. I've realized it isn't the work that makes your work environment-- it's more the people you work WITH. Michael is a great teacher, and cool headed. I need that. I would be an assistant manager (which is what Ashley is now). I would be able to negotiate higher wage than what i was just offered too. Let's just hope I get it sometime next week.

Jack and I went to Miami last weekend to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. It was lovely.

I went on a mini shopping spree yesterday, as I had some fights with my family, and was stressing about work, and felt I deserved a treat since I got another full time offer. Bought a skirt, 2 tank tops, and a scarf from J.Crew. Also, got 2 pairs of shoes from Cole Haan- SO COMFORTABLE! They all have Nike Air in them. But, I have to stop buying shoes. I have spent close to $1000 on shoes this month. :-/

Jinny is here today and we are going to Bamboozle. MGMT, Girltalk, Motion City Soundtrack, OK GO... Needless to say, i am excited!!!!!

That is all.

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sample sales [28 Aug 2009|06:57pm]
I don't know if I mentioned but last week I went to a sample sale for this designer called Saja. I scored a $295 dress for $70, $240 dress for $70, and a $100+ skirt for $30.

Today, I went to the Intermix sample sale... (have you guys heard of Intermix?) Anyways... $640 Brian Atwood heels for $30. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!? They're super simple, tall, and gold. I love it! I also bought a $250 dress for $70.

Amazing. Sample sales are my new favorite things.
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last minute [25 Aug 2009|05:00pm]
well.... elle texted me today and said matt can get us into the tbs/blink/weezer show tonight at jones beach! before he wasn't sure because they're the opening band so they don't get as many tix, plus matt's fam all lives in long island. but, hooray!!!! i'm so excited!
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Where I want to be [29 Jul 2009|02:36pm]
These days always make me happiest. Yesterday at Ralph Stover park, climbing then swimming...

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best friends ever [21 Jul 2009|12:37am]
[ mood | grateful & happy ]

I was supposed to have dinner w/ my friend Jordan tonight, I got off work at 9:30, we went to the restaurant and she walks straight to the back. I follow, and to my surprise- Alex, Cameron, Zack and Merry were there. A group of my closest friends, all the people I've been chilling with the most lately, came together for a surprise celebration on me getting a job!!!

It was the sweetest thing, I almost cried. Jack was in on it too, and showed up a little bit later.

I'm so happy. I have amazing friends. And, to top it all off- dinner was delicious. :)

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corny [07 Jul 2009|07:39pm]
"I miss you so much all the time. Makes me want to move to some carribean island with you and open a bed and breakfast or something"

Jack just sent that to me. He's so sweet.
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[06 Jul 2009|11:57am]
3AM- leave for JFK airport
4AM- nearly throw a fit because check-in kiosks wouldn't work, agents & TSA weren't there. aren't airports supposed to be running 24/7?!
6AM- board for Atlanta
8AM- board for Mexico City
10AM- still at fucking gate because some assholes checked their bags for the flight and never boarded the plane. crew is going through cargo to find their bags. i tell off a flight attendant because i'm cranky & pmsy
1PM- arrive Mexico City
2PM- am much less of a cranky bitch when we arrive at W hotel and see the BEAUTIFUL rooms, with hammock in the bathroom!
3PM- guacamole!
4PM- spa treatments at amazing spa, fully relaxed and happy now
6PM- dinner with bride, groom, friends & fam

8AM- leave for pyramids!
12PM- invigorated after climbing pyramids, eat steak, chicken, cactus, and red worm tacos. Yes, real whole worms.
2PM- back at hotel. Jack works, I lay in bed.
4PM- get ready for wedding
7PM- full hour catholic mass ceremony-- entirely in Spanish. greattttt
10PM- wondering why there was no cocktail hour, waiting impatiently with rest of table for dinner.
12PM- crazy wedding party.

10AM- breakfast. Jack ate green eggs.
12PM- head to airport
9PM- arrive back home.

9AM- wake up
11AM- lay by pool (this is going to be an obvious weekly pattern for me)
1PM- interview with W Union Sq
5PM- work
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complete sentences are overrated. [01 Jul 2009|01:12pm]
Pool with Stephanie, bbq & mojitos

Pool with Cameron, no bbq or mojitos. :(
RAT the size of a FREAKING RABBIT ran INTO my flip-flopped foot on way home.
Screaming ensues on 13th st.

Walked to work with Jack, got bagels!
Phone interview with spine-medical tech company (it went pretty well, I think)
Work later.

Friday I'm going to Mexico City! So many plane rides these past few months.

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Boston [29 Jun 2009|12:22am]
3am train to Boston, arrived at 8 am.
Threw up, ate breakfast.
Checked into hotel, slept 2 hours
Met up w/ Jack's friend, Dave
Went to Boston Aquarium!
Threw up again at aquarium. Seriously began considering that I may have food poisoning.
Watched a fight after some WASTED dude called a black kid a bad word.
Back to hotel to sleep.
Woke up with bad fever.
Rallied and went to House of Blues.
Rocked out backstage at the Envy on the Coast/Anberlin/Taking Back Sunday show.
Chilled on tour bus, watched all the crazy fans stalk the band
8 am plane back to NYC
Chilled by pool & BBQ-ed
Waiting for Jack to come back from work now, at 12:30 am. :(

That was my weekend.

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Hotel [26 Jun 2009|10:38pm]
P.S. Asked my dad to book a hotel room for in Boston-- He asked if I was going with Jack, I said yes. He exclaimed, "I'm booking you guys two beds." and then hung up. Hahahaha. Oh parents. Gotta love them for trying. At least he's booking us the hot rate still!
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YES! [26 Jun 2009|10:36pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Plane tix sold out- but we're taking a 3 AM train to Boston todayyyy. BACKSTAGE PASSES TO TAKING BACK SUNDAY! So excited. I baked the boys cocoa rice krispy treats. I know they love them. 

I love Jack & Jill adventure weekends! :D

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Boston? Maybe... [25 Jun 2009|11:38pm]
Last minute plans! Jack said we might go to Boston this weekend!! If his work isn't bad... I really hope he doesn't have to work this weekend. he said we might fly to Boston and then go see the TBS show! :D He texted Matt and he said it would be cool!!! Yayyyyyyy!

I hope it happensssss!
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On the road [09 Jun 2009|06:59pm]
so I'm on the road right now, in Utah. In case anyone was wondering, there's absolutely nothing in Utah. Well drive 70 mile stretches with absolutely nothing besides the highway. Which makes me worry about running out of gas in the middle of nowhere because andy likes to drive until the gas light comes on. Last night we drove into Colorado, which is so beautiful. We left Denver at night to try and drive a couple of hours so we could make it to vegas earlier to climb. We were 70 mile away from Denver when andy said something was wrong with the car. Apparently there was no power, and we couldn't really accelerate. We called roadside assistance who told us the closest service station was in Denver. So we had to turn around and drive back. I got nervous the car was really broken and we'd miss the rest of the trip. Next
Morning 1st thing we find out the car basically has altitude sickness. Yes, it was just struggling for oxygen. Stupid car, it cost us at least half a day of climbing.

Oh well, were getting there soon. And tomorrow were going to do a 6 pitch climb. One pitch typically means climbing one rope up. So were doing a 4-6 hour climb that's approx 700 ft high. I'm so psyched. I've never done such a long climb. Typically whenever I climb oitdoors it's just a harder one pitch climb. This type of climb is totally diff. It's not going to be hard, balancy, strengthy moves but more endurance. Then were climbing yosemite in 2 days. Should be in San francisco by saturdaay night, but i'm chilling till Wednesday. So excited!

Ps. Nebraska is the worst state.
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the return [30 May 2009|08:44pm]
wow. i just tried to catch up on a week's worth of LJ entries, and it was hard. too much for my sun-baked brain to handle. but, I think I'm fairly caught up on everything. lol

so, i didn't tell my parents I was going to cuba, obviously. They know I'm living with Jack, but I don't need to rub in their faces that yes, we're probably having sex. I emailed my dad Tuesday, and then Jack comes up to me Thursday morning and was like, your dad messaged me on facebook. You need to call them. My mom apparently freaked that I was unavailable for 2 days, even though, I had emailed my dad on Tuesday!!! She wanted my dad to call the police and file a missing persons report. So typical Mom and Dad. Oh well. All is well now.

Cuba was strange... The absence of McDonalds and other American chains/products did not go unnoticed, of course, but it wasn't as jarring as I expected it to be. More to come later.

I leave Wednesday night for my cross-country drive. I fly back to NY the 17th, and will probably go back to Brewster the 18th after work at 9 pm. If we could do dinner that weekend, if people are still there? that would be nice. I don't really remember the potential dates you guys were throwing around.

I was sick all week in Cuba, but it was still amazing.
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cross country [16 May 2009|09:24pm]
So hungover today, I thought I was going to die. We went to bed when the birds were chirping, and the sun was out. Ridiculous.

I'm going cross-country! Tentative Route-> Red River Gorge, KT-> Chicago -> Some lake in Wisconsin for more climbing-> Denver-> Cali! Of course lots of fun stops along the way. I'm so psyched. 
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GRADUATION [14 May 2009|08:29pm]
[ mood | happy ]

My good friend Andy graduated from NYU med school, and is now moving to San Francisco to do his residency.. :( I'm sad. But, I MAY be driving cross country with him to move him out there which would be AMAZING. We talked about hitting up Niagra Falls, and then tons of climbing across the country! This would be like the 1st week of June, so I'd have a couple of days back from Cuba and then go see the states! Jack's good friend Dan (whom I love!) also just moved out to San Fran so if I went to visit, it'd be so much fun! I really, reallyyyy want to goooooooo. Whatever happened to our plans to go cross country together!?

I graduated this morning. I was supposed to be at Radio City Music Hall at 8:45, but didn't know until 9:15 in the morning when my friend texted me to ask which side I'm sitting on. Then I freaked out, ran out of the apartment, tried to catch a cab in the rain, failed, Jack caught a cab cuz he left a little bit later as I basically ran out the door, picked me up on a street corner, and we made it okay. Graduation was weird. My parents went out to lunch w/ us after. It was good. My dad hugged me and said I love you! It was weird.

Good day. AND!!! I got an email to interview for a job. :) They were very impressed with my resume. Hooray! It's with a hotel in the city. We'll see what happens.

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Twitter! [11 May 2009|06:33pm]
Jack and I made it onto Taking back sunday's twitter!

tbsnewagainI am now officially a Shamwow owner. Thanks Jack and Jill (my neighbors...that's really their names too)-MR

Hahahhaa. LOVE IT!

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weird. [10 May 2009|08:42pm]
I need to write out the phonetic spelling of my name onto a card so it is not mispronounced on stage. Four years of college, and I don't know how to phonetically spell out my 2 syllable name. Maybe skipping second grade was a bad idea.

I am three-page, double-spaced ethics paper away from being done with college. What a lame assignment to end with. I graduate on Thursday.
I made a day trip to Brewster yesterday with Jack. My parents talked to us more seriously about living together, and my mom wanted to make sure we're in a "real long-term" relationship. They have taken the news of us living together remarkably well. I am so thankful.

I asked Jack if he wanted to buy the 4-pack of toothpaste at Costco and he goes "I don't like committing to toothpaste... I like having my options open. Do you want to use that  toothpaste?" Some lady overheard, laughed her butt off, and told me, "good luck with that one." Ha.

I have bought 4.5 bikinis this summer. I need to stop. At least I'm ready for the summer!

Jack and I puppy-sat Biggy, Matt & Elle's dog for three days. It's a little yorkie, and the cutest thing in the world. Everyone wants to pet him all the time, and he is a snuggle-monster. When I let him out of the crate in the mornings he'd scamper around the bed until I picked him up and let him cuddle with us in bed. I want a puppy so bad.

The weather has been weird. I don't want it to rain anymore. I'm still not used to how warm it is. I look out the window and feel I should put on a jacket still. Hm.

Taking Back Sunday is going to get big- bigger than they already are. I think they're going mainstream radio. Matt told us yesterday they'll be touring with Weezer and Blink-182. He said we'll most definitely get tix/backstage stuff for whatever shows we want to go to... I am SO pysched.

I think LJ partially froze, and I can't see where my cursor is (the blinky one that tells you where you're writing) which is really annoying while writing this entry. I'm going to just post it now.

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For my own sanity: [24 Apr 2009|01:00am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Three more Ethics papers to write - May 4th

MOA presentation on Apple - May 4th

MOA 15 page paper on Apple - May 6th

IMM presentation - April 27th

IMM 20 page paper - May 4th

Marketing Research In class final - April 30th

Marketing Research Take home final - May 3rd

Ethics Final Paper - May 11th

I can't wait until May 5th....

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Something I've Been Meaning to Post For a Long Time [06 Apr 2009|09:58pm]
[ mood | busy ]

"First e-mail. Then instant message. Then MySpace. Then Facebook. Then LinkedIn. Then Twitter. It's not enough anymore to 'Just do it.' Now we have to tell everyone when we are doing it, where we are doing it, and why we are doing it. Instead of spending hours trying to add to the number of friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter-- I've decided to spend that time on the handful of people I really care about. I write them real letters. I want to know if they are happy in their marriages; in their careers. If they're not, or if they're sick, I want to know if there is something I can do to help. Meaningful friendships require quality time. Not just a Tweet.-Mark McKinnon

I read this a while back, and have been meaning to post it. This eloquently states how I felt about things when I was in China. Even though I was on the other side of the world- I felt closer to many of you because LJ was banned, and I had to spend the time to write you real letters (e-mails). Even though I was on the other side of the freaking world, I became closer to some of you guys. I know I've said this before, but I think we've taken forgranted all the modes of communication we have, and we don't utilize them to actually build on our friendships.

Meaningful friendships require quality time. Not just a tweet. Not just a LJ comment every now and then. Not just a facebook wall post. Just wanted to remind everyone of that. I know I haven't been the best at this either, but it's just something to keep in mind.

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